Half The People in The World


Half the people in the world (Yehudah Amichai)

Half the people in the world love the other half

Half the people have hate the other half.

Must I, because of those and the others, go and wander and

Endlessly change like rain in its cycle,

And sleep among the rocks, and be rugged

Like trunks of olive trees, and hear

The moon bark at me, and camouflage

My love with worries, and grow like the

Timorous grass between railway tracks,

And live in the ground like a mole,

And be with roots and not with branches

And not rest my cheek upon the cheek of Angeles,

And Make love in the first cave, and marry my wife under

The chuppah of beams which support the

Earth and act out my death always to

The last breath and the last words

Without ever understanding,

And put flagpoles on top of my house and a

Bomb shelter at the bottom.

And set forth on the roads

Made only for returning and

Go through all the terrifying stations-

Cat, dog, stick, fire, water, butcher, between

The little goat and the angel of death?

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