Passover Quiz 2015

Passover Quiz 2015

©Rabbi Noah Farkas

Fun Fact: Abraham Lincoln Was Assassinated During Passover. According to the American Jewish Historical Society, many Jews were in synagogue for the holiday when news of Lincoln’s assassination broke. Altars in temples “were quickly draped in black and, instead of Passover melodies, the congregations chanted Yom Kippur hymns. Rabbis set aside their sermons and wept openly at their pulpits, as did their congregants.” Sadly, a time that was supposed to be full of celebration became one of mourning.

Old Cities that become new ones.

Lutisha – Paris:  A Jewish presence existed in France during the Roman period, but the community mainly consisted of isolated individuals, rather than an established community. After the Roman conquest of Jerusalem, boats filled with Jewish captives landed in Bordeaux, Arles and Lyons. Archeological finds of Jewish objects with menorahs imprinted on them date back to the first through fifth century.

Northampton Town – Allentown Home of US Steel Andrew Carnegie:  1860 and the Civil War period, said Archives Director Ned Shulman, who conducted 36 two-hour interviews for the study. A religious congregation, Agudas Achim, got its first leader in 1886.

Port Bajou St. John – New Orleans : If French colonial laws had been strictly enforced, there would be no history of Jews in 18th century New Orleans.  According to the Code Noire, promulgated in 1724, Jews were excluded from the French territory of Louisiana.  Yet as was often the case with American colonies of European nations, colonists were more focused on developing trade in the region than following the strictures of royal courts thousands of miles away.  From the colonists’ perspective, Jews had useful experience and connections in shipping and commerce.  So when Isaac Monsanto and his business partner Manuel de Britto, two Sephardic Jews, arrived in New Orleans from Curacao in 1757, they faced few if any legal restrictions as they built a successful trading business.  Monsanto sued in the colonial court, bought and sold property, and even worked as a court translator.  Six of his siblings soon joined Isaac in New Orleans.

Hungerferd’s Tavern – Rockville MD.   Adam Spiegel born in Rockville changed his name to Spike Jones “Adaptation, Being Jon Malkovitch”

Shakomackson  – Philadelphia : he first Jewish resident of Philadelphia on record was Jonas Aaron. His name appears in 1703 (“American Historical Register,” April, 1895). Isaac Miranda, the first Jew in the English colonies to hold a judicial position, owned property in the town at an early date; he arrived in Philadelphia about 1710 and at once engaged in trade with the Indians. That there were several Jewish families in the city in 1734 as is proved by the fact that the German traveler Von Beck enumerates them among the religious sects of the town. One of the earlier inhabitants was Nathan Levy (1704–53), who applied in 1738 for a plot of ground to be used as a place of burial for his family. He obtained this grant September 25, 1740, and the plot was thenceforth known as the “Jews’ burying-ground”; it was the first Jewish cemetery in the city, and was situated in Spruce street near Ninth street; it has been the property of the Congregation Mickvé Israel for more than a century.

Luden – London:  The history of the Jews in England goes back to the reign of William I. The first written record of Jewish settlement in England dates from 1070. The Jewish presence continued until King Edward I‘s Edict of Expulsion in 1290.

Kirat Arba The place where Abraham Settled and was eventually buried.  Today known as a contentious neighborhood in Israel’s south. Hebron

A place of 72 names that was once a jebusite fortress, a mountain altar, a regional center, and the original Iron Throne.  Names include Moriah (Gen. 22) Yevus (Jud. 19:10)City of David (2Sam 5:7-10) Naveh Tzedek “Oasis of Justice”,  (Jeremiah 31:22.), kiryat melekh rav Psalm 48:2. polis megalou basileos (city of the great king) Matthew 5:35. Aeilla Capitolina, Al-Quds, But what is the most well know, and most sacred name, mentioned over 669 times.  Jerusalem

Pick up lines through history.

Famous pick up lines in history.  Who was it?

“Is it hot in here or is it just you.  Because it’s hotter than fahrenheit 451, the book that I wrote” Ray Bradbury.

Is it hot in here, or is it just you? Your on fire, like that bush I once saw in the desert” Moses

Is that frog in your pocket are you just happy to see me?  I know a few things about frogs. There were frogs on my head and frogs in my bed. Frogs here, frogs there, frogs were jumping everywhere. (even in my underwear) Pharaoh

My brother Moses, told us we have to that paschal lamb, so ya’ know do you want to eat dinner at your place or mine? Aaron

Listen buddy, just because I’m known for a little song and dance, doesn’t mean you can come over here and shake my tumbrel any time you like it.  Miriam

“Hey Baby, one kiss from me and you’ll never kiss another another person again…never again…” Angel of death.  

Produce Samurai

Clues are the name of a food.  Chop the word up stuff letters in the middle to make a common two word phrase.

Cherry => Chuck Berry

Pear => Panda Bear

Melon => Mel Gibson

Kale => Killer Wale

Dill => Dianne Kroll

Peach => Palm Beach Pebble Beach

Date => David Arket

Fig => Fist Bumping

Beans=> Blue Jeans