The Future Cannot Wait

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The Future Cannot Wait – Noah Farkas

Some of us are guilty of waiting for life to happen.

We wait for the right time before we take our first step.

We wait for fate to declare our decree.

We wait for a clearer picture before we step into the fray.

We wait for our moment.

We wait for the guarantee of success before we risk failure.

We wait to make sure the coast is clear, and that we are safe.

We wait for the moral heroes stronger or more courageous than we.

We wait as we see justice fail, friends fade, and fatigue set in.

And we wait and we wait…

For a guarantee that never comes,

a life never lived,

for a clarity that dissolves before our eyes.

For a moment that has already passed us by.

There is no other, there is only you!

Get up!  Wake up! We cannot wait!

The future cannot wait for you, your life depends on it!

Today is the day to gather your strength,

Today is the day to pursue life’s blessings.

Today is the day to grow in spirit.

Today is the day to hear the world call to you and respond,

“Here I am.  I am ready. Let’s go!”

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